International Cooperation

Under the principle of "openness, inclusiveness, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation", CNS has been actively exploring and carrying out a number of international cooperative projects since its establishment. Until now, CNS has established long-term relationship with many international organizations such as IBRO, FENS, JNS, SFN, Lundbeck Foundation etc.,

IBRO Global Neuroscience Horizons Webinar
FENS Travel Awards
JNS Travel Awards; JNS-CNS Joint Symposium
SFN-CNS Research Ethics Workshop
“The Brain Prize” Lecture

The 1st CJK International Meeting (CJK-1)was held together by JNS, CNS and KSBNS from July 28-31,2021 at Kobe Convention Center.

CNS actively builds international talent pool to rally a great deal of Chinese neuroscientists to exert influence on the international stage. Professor Hailan Hu, Executive Member of CNS, Member of CNS’s International Working Committee has attended the FENS Program Committee Meeting and recommended Professor Songhai Shi to be one of Plenary Lecturers at the FENS Forum 2022.

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