Membership Notice

I. The membership of CNS is available for both individuals and corporations. Individual membership categorized into regular members, student members, honorary members and foreign members. Any foreign experts or scholars with academic achievements who are willing to conduct academic exchanges and cooperation with CNS can become foreign members after gaining the approval at the CNS Council Meeting or at CNS Executive Council Meeting and after being filed by CAST. Foreign members can get a discount in purchasing CNS’s academic journals and other related publications and in registering conferences organized by CNS. Nevertheless, the following articles now are inapplicable to foreign members.

II. For applicants who want to gain CNS membership shall: 

  1. Acknowledge and support CNS Charter;
  2. Join CNS on a voluntary basis;
  3. Exert certain academic influence on the field of neuroscience;
  4. Professionals affiliated with R&D institutions, universities, and hospitals, etc. can apply for regular CNS membership but shall be subject to following requirements:
    1. Possess the academic titles such as research associates, lecturers, attending physicians, supervising technicians or above and had published research papers as main authors;
    2. Obtained doctoral degree or master’s degree with more than 2 years of working experiences;
    3. Gained outstanding achievements within the community;
    4. Make earnest and active efforts as a contributor to the development of CNS.
  5. Master’s degree candidates and doctoral degree candidates in neuroscience are qualified to apply for student members;
  6. Former neuroscientists who had served as the council member of CNS for two terms or above but not the incumbent council members anymore are eligible to become the honorary members of CNS after the discussion and approval at the CNS council meeting or at the CNS executive council meeting;
  7. Enterprises and public institutions that are established in accordance with the law, boasted of a certain number of neuroscientists and are willing to participate in CNS’s activities and support CNS’s development can be eligible for the applicant for corporate members;

III. The procedure for becoming CNS members 
For an individual who want to become a CNS member shall fill in a form online and pay the membership fee before gaining the approval by CNS. For a corporation who want to become a group member of CNS, a written application shall be submitted to CNS for the approval by the executive members of CNS.  

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